Energy Trading Software

BALANCIQ allows energy trading companies to track and manage energy balances over time. It compares forecast and real values of consumed energy and creates reports and key figures, regarding business contracts and market values. Potential clients include companies with a clear need to forecast consumption for their customers, such as energy traders or other raw material production/consumption companies.



Easy data management, import/export

Comparing data from many sources and observing the big picture

Transparent real time data tracking comparing imbalances and calculating market value

Control Panel

Real time technical details of application usage

Powerful Control Panel for customization and managing parameters

Backup, notification and error reporting system

Custom Layout Settings

Each user can setup environment for his needs

Choose data and data format he prefers to analyse

Easy User Management

Handling large amount of users

Adding new users into system or change existing ones can be done in matter of seconds

Stock Market Settings

Connect product sell/buy values with current stock market value and compare it in that way

Stock info could be up to date automatically from preferred stock or even imported from a file

About Us

We are dedicated group of people, working together for couple of years now. Recently we came up with idea how to improve and simplify energy trading process.

  • Damnjan Jovanovic

    Backend Developer

  • Milica Kadic

    Frontend Developer

  • Andreja Forcan

    UI and UX Designer